Guernsey Global Games Jam 2016

I recently participated in the Guernsey Global Games Jam 2016 and with our team we’ve created a cracking game called ‘Sacrificial Inferno’. Here is the website. Here are a couple of work in progress videos… Sacrificial Inferno Gameplay & Mechanics Sacrificial Inferno Procedurally Generated Levels Also, I’ve uploaded a couple of real life photos from the event onto my gaming website, See here.

Login via SSH Key

This is a follow on to my previous post ‘Simple Security on a Linux VPS’ in which I said I would post about how to setup SSH key access on a server. SSH key access works by adding your local machines identify to a file on the server called authorized_keys. Once your key is in the file, you can login as that server user using your local key. Previously, I would SSH onto the server and paste my local SSH key into authorized_keys using nano but I’ve since found a much quicker way to do it by running this command....