Jason Magee

Guernsey based independent software consultant, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games Limited.

Interested in local and remote work.

An App for that: No Nom Nom

I’ve recently release a new Android App to track intermittent fasting, which I’ve been doing in real life for a few months now. The app is mostly for my own use but figured I’d put it on the store in case it is of any interest to anyone else. No...

31 Mar 2019

Unity Car No Wheel Colliders

This is an attempt to create a car in Unity without using the in-built Wheel Colliders loosely based off of the technical description in this video from Space Dust Racing. The car uses raycasts and a suspension system to keep “afloat”. Screenshots below. Source code

20 Mar 2019

Unity Directional Sound Demo

Small directional audio demo in Unity, perhaps for a sound based game. Source code Note that to make an audio source 3D in Unity, you need to drag the “Spatial Blend” slider up to 1/3D. Default is 0/2D.

27 Dec 2018

Unity FocusOnObjectDemo

Cheap and cheerful attempt at focusing on objects when looked at using Unity. Source code Look at the red ball to focus in on it. Move close to the TV and the camera will look at and focus on the cat. It could be improved by slowly zooming in and...

27 Nov 2018

Unity SpaceRoids

A quickly put together Unity game similar to Asteroids. Survive as long as you can without colliding with an asteroid. Arrows or WASD to move and space to fire. Survival time score in the top-right. Source code

21 Nov 2018