Video Games to Play with your Kids

Planet Crafter

I enjoy playing video games and I’ve been finding it frustrating to find decent ones with play with my kids. As an example you’d think the £29.99 Nintendo Switch Peppa Pig game would be fairly good. It is not. There is very little gameplay, the controls are unclear (don’t visually match the controller) and the loading times are insane (10 seconds+ per scene) for a 2D game with little happening, my youngest has time to ask me why its not playing at least 10 times before it actually does anything. The cheap Peppa Pig Chicken game is much better on tablets…

So I have decided to begin maintaining a list of games that my kids have enjoyed playing or watching me play. I’ll update this list over time. The list is here.

Unfortunately, I have not really found anything for five and under. There are various games based off of the things they’d typically watch (Paw Patrol) but they are fairly low effort and expensive. The only one to stick so far is Mario Kart with all the assists turned on.