I am a Guernsey based software consultant with 12 years of experience. My wife Joelle and I have an 3 year old son named Théoden (yes, from Lord of the Rings), we call him Teddy for short.

I started programming when I went to University and did a BSc in Computer Games Programming. For my final year project I created my own 2D game engine in (C++) which could be accessed by a level editor (C#) to demonstrate rapid tool development.

In 2017 I lost 25kg/4 stone/25% of my body weight. I've gone from disliking jogging to jogging daily and have managed to complete 15 half-marathons. Despite becoming very active, I continue to enjoy trying different ales and playing video games to relax.


During my 12 years delivering software in the finance industry I have worked with accountants, bookkeepers, investment consultants, human resources and compliance to deliver tools primarily to boost efficiency but also to help keep in-line with the ever changing requirements surrounding data law. I have worked on...

Beyond the finance industry I also create websites for small local companies, self-employed people and charities. I'm not sure why these have been smaller operations, perhaps because I have a soft spot for people trying to start something new. As I host a lot of personal projects I have quite a few virtual servers hosted in the UK and occasionally provide managed hosting.

I have done a number of presentations at the Digital Greenhouse Guernsey, primarily for Lunch && Code but also the occasional adhoc one. Additionally, I've also spoken at a St Martin's School Coding Club about games development (which was more intimidating than talking to adults). I am a site manager for the Guernsey Global Games Jam which happens in January every year.

Spare Time

In my spare time I have a number of on-going and deceased personal projects. Primarily my spare time is used creating games with my friend Marc over at Granite Games for fun and perhaps one day, for some profit; the games industry is brutal to break in to. I founded data.gg in 2014 with Kieran Senior and continue to work on that.

On the Android app store I have 3 apps...

Guernsey Flights

Monitor Guernsey Airports arrivals and departures.

Guernsey Sailings

Monitor Guernsey Harbours arrivals and departures.

Resist Calc

Four band resistor calculator, useful for Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other electronic projects.

Font Whiz is a small open source tool I created to generate an image of a font from a file to help with fast font rendering in games.

On the deceased front I ran Gamely Digest with my friend Nik for a few years doing video game reviews which was surprisingly fun. Unfortunately, reviewing games is very time consuming and began to suck the fun out of playing them. I also ran Jotter for a few years (read about closure here) and did quite a bit of work on a political voting website called vote.gg which you can read about the closure of here. I toyed with not listing the deceased projects here but ultimately decided I should considering their significant scopes. After-all, they say the road to success is paved with failures. There's also discuss.gg which I ran as a discussion platform for Guernsey but was not used enough to justify the on-going costs.

Technical Specialities