What I create

  • Websites
    • Ruby on Rails.
    • Sinatra.
    • Content management systems.
    • Customer relationship systems.
    • Web stores.
    • Infrastructure.
  • Native mobile apps.

What I’m good at

  • Picking the right tools for the job. I’m not going to push you into expensive products.
  • Taking complicated data and making it easy.
  • Rapid development.
  • I am fast to respond and reliable.
  • Full stack development.


  • 8 years industry experience.
  • Well-versed in .NET & Ruby.
  • Sold Android apps on the Amazon and Google stores.
  • Developed and actively maintain a number of websites.
  • Experienced in cross platform desktop development.




Jason is an innovative local professional software developer who provided Asset Risk Consultants Limited with software development services. We are pleased with our decision to use Jason who has understood our systems, delivered high quality software and has proven to be a reliable consultant. Overall, we are very impressed with Jason, his skills and expertise have translated into a competitive advantage for ARC.

David Bartlett (Head of IT)




We are so thankful to Jason who has been providing us with an exceptional service for a number of years. We have found Jason to be highly reliable, supportive and professional.

Nik Herring





Provides Guernsey-related data to the public through an easily accessible API.

Sacrificial Inferno

Sacrificial Inferno

Sacrificial Inferno is a retro 2D platformer

Font Whiz

Font Whiz

Open source fixed width bitmap font generator for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Gamely Digest

Gamely Digest

Game reviews in a digestible format.

Guernsey Flights


Monitor Guernsey Airports arrivals and departures. Available on Amazon too.

Guernsey Sailings


Monitor Guernsey Harbours arrivals and departures. Available on Amazon too.

Resist Calc

Resist Calc

Four band resistor calculator, useful for Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other electronic projects.



Discuss.gg is a Discourse forum for the people of Guernsey to discuss current matters.

Vote (alpha release)


Have a great idea to make Guernsey better? Post it here.

Jotter (Beta)


Simplistic note taking application enabling you to take notes in three forms: notes, doodles and tables.


  • I have worked with .NET for eight years and used tools such as Entity Framework, NuGet, WinForms, the DevExpress suite and ASP .NET MVC.
  • I have been using Ruby for five years. I have experience using the main web frameworks Rails and Sinatra. I also use Jekyll.
  • I’ve been building Android Apps for two years.
  • I have eight years experience using Microsoft SQL, five with MySQL and three with PostgreSQL.
  • I’m good at Linux. One of my Linux servers is setup with Nginx acting as a proxy to multiple Unicorn Rack applications. I can deploy websites to this server using a Capistrano command (and rollback using another).
  • I use Git for version control.
  • HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, CoffeeScript, Ajax, Bootstrap, Foundation, Liquid templates, Markdown, ASP.NET Razor? Check.
  • I’m learning Go and Rust.

Other things I’d be interested in

  • I love video games, have a degree in Computer Games Programming and run Gamely Digest. I’ve built a tool to help me develop my own games called Font Whiz. Got a tool in mind? Want your game ported to Linux? I’m in.
  • Have a .NET, Ruby or Android project that needs an extra feature or changes? Get in touch.
  • Think software might be able to help you but don’t know for sure? Lets meet up for a consultation.