DragonRuby Global Temperature Chart Jun 8 2019

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Ruby programming language. Something about using it is enjoyable. I’ve mainly used Ruby in the past for websites via Ruby on Rails so I was pretty pleased to see the Ruby games framework DragonRuby get released recently. During my day to day work I do a lot of maths and charting but I’ve never written a chart from scratch before so here is my attempt at a line chart using DragonRuby.

The source code is here and the global temperature data came from here.

So far my impressions of the framework are good. It’s brand new so clearly isn’t feature complete and I’ve had a few problems but the developers are doing a great job of sorting things promptly.

An App for that: No Nom Nom Mar 31 2019

I’ve recently release a new Android App to track intermittent fasting, which I’ve been doing in real life for a few months now. The app is mostly for my own use but figured I’d put it on the store in case it is of any interest to anyone else.

No Nom Nom

Lightweight intermittent fasting app that allows you to start a fast for a target period, get notified when the period is up and keeps a history of previous fasts.

Here are some screenshots from the app.

Unity Car No Wheel Colliders Mar 20 2019

This is an attempt to create a car in Unity without using the in-built Wheel Colliders loosely based off of the technical description in this video from Space Dust Racing.

Space Dust Racing

The car uses raycasts and a suspension system to keep “afloat”. Screenshots below.

Source code

Unity Directional Sound Demo Dec 27 2018

Small directional audio demo in Unity, perhaps for a sound based game.

Source code

Note that to make an audio source 3D in Unity, you need to drag the “Spatial Blend” slider up to 1/3D. Default is 0/2D.

Unity FocusOnObjectDemo Nov 21 2018

Cheap and cheerful attempt at focusing on objects when looked at using Unity.

Source code

Look at the red ball to focus in on it.
Move close to the TV and the camera will look at and focus on the cat.

It could be improved by slowly zooming in and out rather than happening instantly. If you wanted the TV to act as a computer it would probably be better to release the player from the look and zoom state by the movement keys instead of amount of mouse movement.

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