Garmin FIT Files

As I little bit of a side project I recently touched my toes into the world of sports activity data by reading some data from my Garmin watch.

Garmin uses a binary file format called FIT which is a type of GIS file containing geographical data alongside sport data points for whatever activity you're doing.

The FIT file itself wouldn't be hard to parse by hand but there is no point doing so as Garmin provide an SDK to read the data into memory. Once the file is parsed, you can easily export to CSV or do some data analysis with it.

I wrote a small C# app to read any single FIT file and output a bunch of diagrams. Below I've fed the GPS data into OpenStreetMap using the awesome Leaflet library to plot my recent walk. I've also done a couple of charts using Highcharts. Not bad for 2 hours work!

My main takeaway from this small project is suprise at the lack of quality alternatives to Strava. Obviously there is a lot more to Strava (comparisons, analysis, etc.) but with very little effort I've made a dumb activity page.