Closing up Gamely Digest

Nik and I have decided it is time to call Gamely Digest a day. We ran the game review site from October 2014 to December 2017. Our objective was to make it easier to follow video games for people with less time to devote to the hobby. We made the reviews shorter and even tried making a couple of short YouTube videos. Ultimately, it took a great deal of time to to keep the website up-to-date and as such now have great respect for people running such active websites. Although we amassed a good following on Facebook and had reasonable click through on adverts, it was never quite clear how the website could become sustainable without plastering adverts all over it.

A big thank you to Nik for joining me on this venture!

On the technical side, the website was built by me using Ruby on Rails. Nik and I could login, create, draft and publish posts and reviews as well as upload files. Check the last two screenshots below to see the Admin Panel which was created using Active Admin. The site also automatically integrated Disqus for posts and reviews.

For portfolio purposes, I’ve attached some screenshots below. The YouTube videos will always be available.