Closing up

This is just a post to note that I’m closing up, I’m not going to have the time to do the project justice and I haven’t worked on it in some time. And to be honest I’ve lost faith in the system after Brexit and Donald Trump. The domain expires in 2018 – if anyone wants it for a good cause let me know. was going to be a site for voting on and building legislation in a mash up of Reddit and Wikipedia. People would be able to post the initial document and others would be able to amend and add pros/cons. After a few rounds, the document would be put to a vote. We planned to have anonymous voting and even delegated voting. Delegated voting would be saying “I know nothing about this subject but my good friend Jason Magee does – he can decide on my behalf”.

Anyway, just for portfolio purposes, I’ve attached some screenshots of how far we got as I’m going to point the domain at a simple page until it expires.