Command & Conquer Tiberium Dawn Map. Temple Beachhead

Here is a link to the map on the Steam Workshop. You need to own C&C: Remastered in order to play it.

26 years after I first played this game I have finally ticked a personal checkbox and released a map for it! This is a single player Commando based mission.

“Commander, you need to destroy the Temple of Nod in the NW, marked with a flare. The base is defended by a Obelisk which is drawing power from a secondary base nearby. Find the secondary base, destroy the power and then destroy the Temple of Nod.”

YouTube video of the entire map
The start of the mission
The entire layout taken from the editor

Making this was harder than I anticipated because the AI didn’t work quite how I wanted. I had to fiddle around in order to get the units to stay put and not come to the aid of attacked buildings. In the end I used one of the red multiplayer teams, allied with the NOD to force the units to stay put. It was interesting to see some of the variables left behind from Dune II and reading about some of the improvements made for Red Alert (which would have been handy for this map!).