Jason Magee

Developer at Cortex, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games.

Gamely Digest Follow Up

This is a follow up post to this post in which I promised to post my solution to handling thumbnails when different reviewers submit different aspect ratio images, e.g… Well, here it is.. for f in *.jpg; do convert "$f" -resize "576x324^" -gravity center -crop 576x324+0+0 +repage "${f%%.jpg}t.jpg"; done This...

15 Feb 2015

Must have Ruby on Rails Gems

These are some of my most regularly used Ruby Gems when I’m working with Rails. Better Errors As the name suggests, Better Errors takes Rack errors and makes them better. You don’t even have to make any code changes. Standard Better Errors Sidekiq Sidekiq is a background task processor, similar...

08 Feb 2015

Gamely Digest image processing

One of the my targets for Gamely Digest is that it is kept simple and pain-free to maintain. For the first few reviews, I had to manually create thumbnails, rename and convert 50 images in GIMP. This drove me to write some bash scripts to automate the process. The first...

30 Jan 2015

Getting data out of image PDFs without losing your mind

Recently I’ve been gathering data from gov.gg census reports as far back as 1971 for data.gg. The earlier census reports are scanned and the later ones have been created electronically but don’t copy and paste correctly. By the end of manually copying the data from the first table I knew...

30 Jan 2015

Gamely Digest and Jekyll

We started Gamely Digest in 2013 to make a more digestible way to follow video games. The older I get the less time I have to play games and deciding what is worth playing is time consuming in itself. When I was younger I noticed something similar with hardware. Once...

21 Jan 2015