Jason Magee

Developer at Cortex, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games.

data.gg Publicity

My website data.gg recently had some local publicity and I appeared on local BBC TV and BBC Radio. These links won’t work forever so if you’re from the future you’ll have to take my word for it 🙂

23 Apr 2015

Login via SSH Key

This is a follow on to my previous post ‘Simple Security on a Linux VPS’ in which I said I would post about how to setup SSH key access on a server. SSH key access works by adding your local machines identify to a file on the server called authorized_keys....

29 Mar 2015

SSH Tunnelling with pgAdmin

When working with remote PostgreSQL databases it’s nice to be able to use a graphical user interface to manage the data. Fortunately, it is very straight forward to setup by creating an SSH tunnel to the remote server and then connecting pgAdmin to the server as if it’s on localhost....

23 Mar 2015

Tired of seeing the Rails asset pipeline logging?

Tired of seeing the Rails asset pipeline logging in the console? Disable it by adding this code… # Hide asset pipeline logging config.assets.logger = false into… config/environments/development.rb Boom! No more asset pipeline logging during development. Remember to turn it back on if you have asset problems, though.

04 Mar 2015

Simple Security on a Linux VPS

I maintain a number of Linux VPS (5 at the time of writing) and wanted to cover some basic security measures. When you sign up for a Linux VPS you tend to be given a root login to set it up. You should never leave it with root access as...

17 Feb 2015