Jason Magee

Developer at Cortex, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games.

Re-purposing jotter.io

Jotter.io was a simplistic note taking application enabling you to take notes in three forms: notes, doodles and tables. Jotter was built in a responsive way to ensure maximum support for a variety of devices. All forms of note automatically save on the fly. Jotter.io was one of my first...

12 Feb 2017

Closing up vote.gg

This is just a post to note that I’m closing up vote.gg, I’m not going to have the time to do the project justice and I haven’t worked on it in some time. And to be honest I’ve lost faith in the system after Brexit and Donald Trump. The domain...

12 Feb 2017

Guernsey’s Global Games Jam 2017

Last years Global Games Jam lead to the creation of Sacrificial Inferno. For those who don’t know, Sacrificial Inferno is a procedurally generated, permadeath, hack and slash, retro 2D platformer which we’re working on. As you can imagine I was pretty excited to attend again this year. Initially, Marc and...

25 Jan 2017

I’ve made some Blender abstract art

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time learning Blender for game development and fancied experimenting with something a bit different. Below I’ve linked to two abstract art type of renders that turned out pretty good. The purple one was meant to have volumetric lighting but sadly my AMD card didn’t...

10 Jan 2017

Creating height maps from SHP files

A while ago now, Digimap gave data.gg a SHP file containing elevation data for Guernsey, Sark, Alderney and Herm. Using this data, I’m going to place a WebGL widget on data.gg allowing users to fly around the islands. There’s two ways to approach this: Create a height-map using the SHP...

15 Dec 2016