Jason Magee

Developer at Cortex, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games.

Closing up Gamely Digest

Nik and I have decided it is time to call Gamely Digest a day. We ran the game review site from October 2014 to December 2017. Our objective was to make it easier to follow video games for people with less time to devote to the hobby. We made the...

09 Aug 2018

Passing an Array to an SQL Stored Procedure

This is a short post to demonstrate a simple way to pass an array of data to a stored procedure. I’ve supplied some C# to use it too. Firstly, create a custom table type in SQL. Note that you only need to do this step once per database. CREATE TYPE...

03 Aug 2018

Easy Game Made in Unity Tutorial

Outside of working on games for Granite Games, I spend a great deal of time experimenting and learning in Unity. Normally, I’ll figure out something I was interested in learning and leave the project forgotten on my NAS in case I ever need it. By the time I need something...

19 Jul 2018

New Mechanical Keyboard

Just a short post to show off my new Ducky Shine 6 Mechanical Keyboard. This is more of a refresh than an upgrade, my previous keyboard was a Das Model S Professional UK Silent which has the same Cherry MX Brown switches that the Ducky Shine 6 does. I’ve moved...

23 Jan 2018

2017 Weight Loss

During 2017 I have lost… 25kg 4 stone 25% of my body weight I’ve dieted before with mixed success but nothing close to the scale of weight lost this time round. Initially, the diet started with my wife when we decided to be healthier and she started cooking all of...

06 Jan 2018