Jason Magee

Guernsey based independent software consultant, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games Limited.

Interested in local and remote work.

Closing up vote.gg

12 Feb 2017

This is just a post to note that I’m closing up vote.gg, I’m not going to have the time to do the project justice and I haven’t worked on it in some time. And to be honest I’ve lost faith in the system after Brexit and Donald Trump. The domain expires in 2018 – if anyone wants it for a good cause let me know.

vote.gg was going to be a site for voting on and building legislation in a mash up of Reddit and Wikipedia. People would be able to post the initial document and others would be able to amend and add pros/cons. After a few rounds, the document would be put to a vote. We planned to have anonymous voting and even delegated voting. Delegated voting would be saying “I know nothing about this subject but my good friend Jason Magee does – he can decide on my behalf”.

Anyway, just for portfolio purposes, I’ve attached some screenshots of how far we got as I’m going to point the domain at a simple page until it expires.