Jason Magee

Developer at Cortex, founder of data.gg and aspiring game dev at Granite Games.

Unity game created live in ten minutes

28 Oct 2016

On Wednesday I did a presentation in which I made a game using Unity in ten minutes for a new local software development meet-up called lunch && code. The presentation went surprisingly well, I had concerns about the game working (live programming is a nightmare) and keeping the presentation in the ten minute time window. The games objective is to avoid being knocked off of a platform by walls that spawn every three seconds and move towards the player. The walls are made up of six cubes, one of which is destroyed at random when the wall is created leaving a gap for the player to pass through. The source code for the game is on GitHub here.

lunch && code

The event was organised by Steve Streeting who has uploaded the README.TXT intro slides here. If you’re a software developer in Guernsey you can keep abreast of future events by visiting discuss.gg or by signing up to notifications here. Events will be at lunchtime every last Wednesday of the month.